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  • NEW PATTERNS! Posted on 25 February 2016

    Two pretty floral Spring beanies have just been released. You can find them in WHAT'S NEW!
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  • As you already know I have started a little art and craft club for my children and their friends. The energy and enthusiasm when the children get together is so special and so exciting! This week I thought it would be fun to draw around the children and let them decide what to do next. Both boys wanted to turn their silhouettes into robots and the girls chose to paint and decorate their artwork as themselves.  There was a selection of paints, crayons, pencils, glue, glitter, materials for collage, haberdashery bits, buttons etc. for the children to choose from.

    It was so interesting seeing how the children's confidence, enthusiasm and creativity grew as their pictures evolved. The energy in the room was wonderful. The children were completely focused on their paintings for about an hour and a half. They then stopped for a snack and a play in the garden. We assumed that would be the end of the session.....but they chose to return to their artwork 15 minutes later and continued with even more enthusiasm. It was such a shame to pull them away from their creations at 6.30pm....almost 3 hours later! Fab artwork hey!

    My son carried on adding more buttons and wires to his 'robot' until bedtime... when he said to me" mummy I can't believe you had this idea" ....I said "why is that darling"?.... he then replied...."because it is SO exciting!".
    He is adding more to his robot again today! 

    It really saddens and worries me that due to pressure from Ofsted lots of young children are missing out on creative learning at school. We need creative thinkers in this world! 
    On a positive note I feel our little art club is special and I am so happy that we have set it up. I feel it is so important for children to experience the freedom and enjoyment that creativity can give us, and experiencing this with their friends is so much fun for them. Running the club with the other mums makes it possible and fun for everybody. We have all loved watching our children working and playing alongside each other, observing how they support, compliment and inspire each other. The focused energy yesterday was wonderful!  If you are a mum or dad and reading this...why not try it?

    Linda Whaley

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    Hi there

    I have been planning on designing some homeware knits for a while now.
    One of my 2014 'hopes' as mentioned in my New Year blog is to design and launch a new homeware knitting pattern collection.
    As it's already March I started to get some initial thoughts and ideas together last week.

    I'll keep you posted!

    Linda Whaley

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    As are some photographs of this Friday morning's Hula Hoop weaving with some friends. It was such a lovely morning...  the kids really enjoyed themselves!

    Two of the little girls were so completely captivated that they sat weaving for almost three hours, and only stopped as it was time to go home.  They looked so proud of their weaving as they carried their hula hoops home.

    Here are some shots of the kids beautiful weaving and the fun time we had..... such a great activity to do with the kids!

    Having heaps of fun colours that the kids could choose from was so important..... and so exciting for them!  Don't the kids rugs look fab so far!

    I need to start thinking about our next art club project!

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    I have just started a little art and craft club for my little boy and his friends to enjoy. Yesterday was the first of... hopefully... many fun and creative get togethers. My mother put on a little craft club for myself and a couple of friends when I was little which I loved so much. I so want to do the same for my children!

    So the first project of the Creative Kids Club is....hula hoop weaving. I found this project on Pinterest....a hula hoop is used as the frame to weave a fun circular rug. I asked the mums to find as many old t-shirts, baby vests etc as possible. We knew we had to make the colours pretty exciting to capture the imagination of the four boys, so we dyed the fabric in some fun bright colours. I haven't dyed anything since my art school days...I really enjoyed it.

    I also found some instructions on the blog of UK magazine Molly Makes showing a clever way to cut a t-shirt to give you one long continuous ball of yarn. So clever!

    Here is the finshed basket of yarn we had......exciting hey!

    We knew the scale of this project would be exciting for the boys. Small children's chairs were the perfect height for weaving.

    The boys concentrated so well for about an hour and a half and made such a great start on their rugs.

    I have some more of Olivers friends coming next Friday. I'll post some more images of their creations and hopefully some images of their finished rugs at some point in the future.

    Here are their rugs so far........ aren't they fab!


    I think I would quite like to weave a rug as well!

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