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  • NEW PATTERN! Posted on 25 May 2018

    I'd like to introduce Eden to you.... my new cabled aviator hat. I hope you like it! Go to WHAT'S NEW to find out more.
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  • Hi there

    It's that time of year again! It's sweater weather! Yay!

    You may have noticed that I am just about to start some hand knit workshops in Witney, Oxfordshire. I am so excited....but before I talk about my workshops, I just have to share some of Witney's textile history.  

    Witney has been famous for wool and textiles, for hundreds of years and references to this date right back to as early as 1086.  It was during the 17th century that Witney specialised and became known for manufacturing good quality blankets with records of a group of Witney textile manufacturers naming themselves as the 'blanket weavers in 1641. This would have been run as a cottage industry using the local Cotswold sheep.
    The Industrial Revolution in the 19th century transfomed Witney's blanket trade and by the end of Queen Victoria's reign 'Witney Blankets' were sold worldwide. The mills continued to manufacture the renowned 'Witney Blanket' through to the 20th century, but like much of our textile industry in the UK, the last blanket mill sadly closed in 2002.  
    This town has such a wealth of textile history, and is so worth a visit. The
    Witney Museum has lots of information about the historic sites to see along with wonderful photographs of its past. The Old Blanket Hall, in the centre of town was where all the blankets were weighed, measured and approved. This amazing building is also open to the public....with a little coffee shop tucked away at the back (perfect for a refreshing pit stop).
    ...PS Witney also has great restaurants, contemporary coffee shops and good shopping including a lovely wool shop!

    So back to my workshops...

    my first workshop just has to be a blanket workshop! It is my cabled blanket workshop

    If you would love to be able to knit a beautiful cabled blanket to snuggle up with this winter this could be the workshop for you. I will introduce you to working with cable needle. I will teach you how to knit various cables for both my written row by row instructions and charts. Needles and a variety of 4 Ply DK, Aran and Chunky wool will be supplied so that you can explore a variety of cables from very fine knits through to cosy chunky knits. The aim of this workshop is for you to leave feeling confident about knitting a variety of cables and understanding cable knit instructions. The choice of one of my cabled blanket knitting patterns is included in the workshop. I will go through the pattern with you, to ensure that you understand the pattern and can knit the cables in your knitting pattern.

    Just to clarify knitting, wool will be available for you to use for all of your small cabled swatches that you knit during the workshop. The wool for your large blankets will not be included in the cost of the workshop, but help will be given for you to choose the perfect yarn for your blanket project.

    Do hop over to my workshops category for more info and other workshops over the next few weeks. 

    Maybe see you soon!


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    Hi there

    As promised, I am just writing to let you know that some Little Pickle Knits socks are here! You can find them all in  WHAT'S NEW!

    Little Baa Baa Baby Socks

    Little Tulip Baby Socks

    Little Heart Baby socks

    Little Duckling Baby Socks

    The socks shown in this post have been knitted flat and seamed and the pictures have been worked in intarsia.
    If you haven't tried intarsia these little socks would be a simple first project for you. 

    Reverse side of intarsia knit

    This pattern has instructions for both flat knitting on single pointed needles and in the round on dpns. 
    If you do choose to knit these little baby socks in the round, you will Swiss darn (duplicate stitch) the pictures onto your socks after knitting instead of working in intarsia. 

    Swiss darning the picture knit is also an easy option for new knitters! 

    Swiss darning after knitting

    I have designed these socks with a super simple heel turn, no wrapped stitches, and using the little eyelet as a design detail. If you are new to sock knitting these could be the socks for you!
    Experienced sock knitters can of course choose to wrap the stitches at the heel turn if preferred.  

    I hope you love my Little Pickle Knit baby socks.

    Oh yes, I almost forgot to say......  my Little Cars Baby Socks  and Little Robins Baby Socks are next!

    Speak soon

    Linda Whaley

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    Hi there

    I am soooo excited about my new Little Pickle Knits baby socks that I couldn't keep them quiet any longer. 

    I have designed a few little pairs of socks to co-ordinate with other designs in my Little Pickle Knits collection. These new knitting patterns are just going through their final checks and should be available to purchase by the end of next week! 

    Here's a little sneaky peek at some of the designs!

    I think these little socks would be a perfect newborn gift.

    I have so enjoyed designing these little socks. I really hope you love them too!

    I'll keep you posted.

    Speak soon

    Linda Whaley

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    Hi there

    I am always so relieved when January is over and spring is on its way. I always find my energy levels are pretty low in January.  I do try to hibernate as much as possible  ...... lots of knitting happens though!

    So this January I prepared my Little Pickle Knits spring knitting patterns, ready for your spring projects.
    You may remember my spring beanie patterns that were released last year using Rowan's Wool Cotton 4 Ply.  As Rowan have recently discontinued this yarn I have been busy re-writing these patterns to work with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I am really happy with the results. All the knits below are knitted with Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. These PDF patterns are now complete and ready to buy.
    As you will see I have also added some new knitting patterns to the spring collection.  My aim was to design cosy knits that have a fresh, uplifting spring look. Perfect for crisp spring days! I hope you like them too.

    So to celebrate that spring is on it's way I am offering 25% OFF all the knitting patterns in my SPRING OFFERS! category. 
    Just add
    SPRING17 at the checkout to claim your discount.

    This offer only applies to knitting patterns purchased via


    PS...... As always, please do send any photos of your little ones wearing your spring knits as I would soooooooo love to see them!

    Happy Spring Knitting!

    Linda Whaley

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