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  • A Merry Christmas get-together Posted on 05 December 2017

    WE'RE FEELING FESTIVE! If you need a little break from your Christmas shopping do pop in for a mince pie this Saturday. I will be at the Wymers Makers Studio/shop from 11am-2pm. Myself...Linda Whaley, Lyn Wymer and Anna Robbins are inviting our lovely knitting, spinning, weaving, and crochet customers to a come and say hi and meet other creative makers! Maybe see you Saturday! The Makers Studio, 14a West End, Witney. OX28 1NE
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  • With the momentous and very frightening changes that the UK is embarking on, I have been in a complete state of shock this last couple of days.

    I had a strong need to stop what I was working on, and knit a blanket.  At the time I didn't think too deeply about it, but on reflection, I think this was subconsciously my comforting 'security blanket'.  I have had to sit and knit it at every possible opportunity over the last couple of days. I needed a long comforting project that would take quite a few days to complete.  A project that once designed and on my needles, would need some concentration, but the repetition would require no further decision-making.  I find this type of project clears my mind and puts me into a calm almost medative state.

    Being creative has pulled me through some very sad and difficult times over the years.  I really do recommend it. If life just seems too much to cope with, pick up a pencil, a paintbrush, some knitting needles, and create is very calming.

    Here is my security blanket which is growing by the minute!

    I hope to launch this knitting pattern in the next couple of weeks, once my blanket is finished.

    Take care

    Linda Whaley

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    Hi there

    Its good to see that so many of you are still buying my new spring beanie knitting patterns. I think they are perfect for this weather as they look fresh and spring-like, but keep little heads warm..... as its still soooo cold here in the UK!   You should be able to knit one up in an evening or two.

    My spring beanies had this really nice write up in Love Knitting for Baby's May issue.


    I'm also writing to let you know that the PDF knitting pattern for my new 'Ellis' cabled baby blanket has just been released. I have chosen to design a 4ply blanket this time as this lightweight blanket is perfect for the summer months. This blanket has been knitted in Rowan Super Fine Merino 4ply in the colour Blush. You can also knit it in any other 4ply yarn that recommends 3.25mm (US#3) needles.

    I chose this cool pale contemporary pink shade, but this blanket isn't just for girls. This unisex cable stitch will also look beautiful in other pale neutral colours, white, cream, dove grey and duck egg blue. Or choose fun brights, or boyish greens, browns, blues and greys.
    If you want to knit a blanket ahead of knowing if the 'bump' is a girl or boy, I find cream is always a good option.

    Don't forget to send in some photos of your finished knits as I always love to see them

    Speak again soon

    Happy Knitting!

    Linda Whaley

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    Hi there

    As promised here is the last of my new Little Pickle Knits Spring beanies. I think this fun Little Ladybird beanie would be perfect for a little boy or girl. I have drawn the ladybirds so they crawl up and down and all around the beanie.

    Just like my other new Little Pickle Knits Spring beanies, this beanie has been knitted with Rowan Wool Cotton 4ply on a pair of single pointed 3.25mm (US3) needles.
    I used the colours: String, Rich, Inky and White.

    The little ladybird pictures are worked using Intarsia.

    You can find all four of my new Spring beanies here in WHAT'S NEW!

    Alternatively pop over to Loveknitting/Linda Whaley  where you will be able to purchase my knitting patterns along with the yarn you will need, via your mobile /tablet.

    Happy knitting!

    Linda Whaley

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    Hi there

    Last week I got an email from a lovely customer asking me how to adapt my very popular Classic Pixie Beanie into a preemie baby hat, as she wanted to knit some preemie beanies for her lovely little twin grandsons. I got back to her straight away with some ideas and she went ahead and made some little beanies for the boys. I haven't been able to stop thinking about her little grandsons since and so hope the hats fitted them.

    So.... I have been busy looking into preemie sizing, knitting lots of tiny beanies, and have just released my Preemie Classic Pixie Beanie pattern today.

    This knitting pattern has instructions to knit beanies for premature babies who are 1 - 1.5lbs, 2 - 3lbs, and 3 - 6lbs.

    These beanies are knitted in DK on a pair of 4mm needles, and as you can imagine are super quick to knit.  The beanies shown here are knitted in Rowan's beautifully soft Super Fine Merino Wool.

    Oh yes.... I almost forgot to say... this PDF pattern includes instructions to knit these beanies 'flat' on a pair of single pointed needles or 'in the round' on double pointed needles.

    Happy knitting! 

    Speak soon

    Limnda Whaley

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