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  • sticky clay fun! 15 March 2014 | View comments

  • I thought it would be fun for the kids to get their hands sticky this week!
    As my son and his friends love making potions in the garden.... that is... anything they can find and mix with water!!....I thought they would love to make their own clay. I found a homemade air dry clay recipe online and we have tried it out. As the sun was shining....hurray!...the kids prepared the clay on tables in the garden.

    They had so much fun mixing the flour, salt and water together..... and they could be as messy as they liked!

    It was so nice for the girls to be able to do the same project as the older kids this week. They had so much fun together! They decided to include sand and mud into their mixtures, and continued to make their own 'garden potions' for quite a while.

    I laid out some small childrens tables and chairs in the playroom, with a mixture of tools and textured objects for them to choose from...the textured lego strips were very popular! The boys chose to mix the clay with beads which look fun...the beads may all fall out, but that is for them to find out,

    We decided to leave the children to explore and create from their own imagination without any intervention. I wasn't sure how it would work out. It was so tempting to say "how about making this".....and "this is how you do this"..... especially when they seemed to be uncertain, but I held my tongue.

    Although the kids will need direction and guidance with some of our future projects, I felt it was important to stand back and let them have the freedom to explore the material and create from their own imagination this week.
    I love what they've made!

    There aren't any finished pieces from the girls, as they continued to enjoy making and mixing their clay in the garden for quite a while.... and then moved onto playing in the play house.

    Here is the link to the air dry clay we made.

    Must get on with designing my homeware knits now!

    Speak soon
    Linda Whaley

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