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  • Easter Egg crafts 29 March 2014 | View comments

  • As you will gather from my last few blogs, I have recently been spending alot of time setting up exciting art and craft projects for my children and their friends to explore and enjoy.

    ..... a note to my loyal knitter fans .....I haven't stopped designing.....I have just completed two new designs that are waiting to be photographed next week.  I will post the images as soon as they are done.

    Last week I went into my son's school to do some Easter crafts with the class.  It was such good fun!  The teacher was absolutely wonderful, and between us we had four creative activiities on the go at once.  Two required our supervision and two were activities that the children could get on with by themselves.

    They have produced some beautiful work!  I so love young children's artwork, the energy and naivity that it has is just so wonderful!

    I will post some images of the children's artwork once it is finished ... but here is a little glimpse of one of the projects .....Easter Eggs made from wool ....and I have heaps of that!

    Blow up a balloon so it is the size and shape of an Easter egg.  Cut wool into strands.  I found about two metre lengths worked best.  Dip the yarn into a mix of PVA and water to the consistency of cream.  Soak the yarn in the glue,  Wrap the yarn around the balloon and then leave them to dry.  Pretty messy!

    These are the photographs of the Easter eggs before the balloons are popped.  I also squeezed a little Easter treat inside each balloon before I blew it up, which the children are very excited about.  I'll post some images of the finished string eggs next week once the children have seen them ....they are looking so beautiful!!

    Speak soon


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