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  • Robots! love them! 04 June 2014 | View comments

  • Hi there

    Our house has been invaded by robots!
    It started a few weeks ago at a junk modeling session here at home. All the children decided to make robots out of the HUGE heap of recycling we had been collecting for them.

    Junk modeling is always a favourite, and the children had lots of fun. The robots look great hey!

    My son then decided he would like a Robot Party for his 6th Birthday.... so we've spent the last two weeks drawing robots, painting robots, cutting and sticking robots, and building has been so much fun!

    This is a selection of my son's robot art work for his Birthday party. I love them!


    We made the large 'prize giving' robot shown below. The children had to punch through the holes (control panel and buttons) covered with tissue paper to find their winning party prizes.... 'surprise robot biscuits'. 

    All the games and activities were Robot themed:

    Robot pen pots
    The kids made robot pen pots using magnets, nuts, bolts, hinges etc. (If you would like to do this activity, place the magnets inside the tins and seal them with duck tape to keep them  away from the children. Magnets are very dangerous if swallowed). We super glued their robot faces in place and removed the magnets before giving the pen pots to the kids to take home at the end of the party.
    We also used an amazing tin opener by OXO that gives a smooth and safe child friendly edge to the tins.

    Robot Knock Down
    We put simple faces onto heaps of tin cans for a Fairground style 'knock down the paramid of robots' game. Who would win...boy or robot!

    Nut and Bolt game.
    We had two teams playing a relay game. Each child had to run to the end of the garden, sit down, screw a nut onto a bolt, run back and high 5 the next team member to run. The bolts we used were really chunky and approximately 6 inches long. We weren't sure if this would be exciting, but the boys were so competitive and really loved it.

    Build a Robot
    The kids were split into two teams. They had to  make a junk model robot out of a large selection of junk and a roll of tape. Putting a time limit on this game meant they had to be quick and work well as a team. They stayed focused and excited until the end. Both teams won this game as both robots were great. 

    Lastly... I just couldn't resist showing you my friends robot. She made her robot at one of the junk modeling sessions with the kids.  'Eggy' also attended the party....fab isn't he! Our robots are currently much loved members of our families, and living happily in our dining rooms!

    My son also got lots of robot themed Birthday presents, so robots are going to be popular for a while to come!

    I hope this blog gives other mums and dads a few  'robot ideas'

    Speak soon

    Linda Whaley

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