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  • A frozen summer! 28 July 2015 | View comments

  • Hi there

    I am so happy that the summer holidays are here! The last 6 months have been exceptionally busy working into the small hours most nights,... but the studio has now slowed into a chilled 'holiday mode' as I spend these precious school holidays with my children whilst they are young. ……(To those of you waiting for my new knitting patterns, don’t worry I am still designing in the evenings)

    So.... a week into the summer holidays and our house has been transformed into an ice palace. Yes you've guessed, my daughter loves 'Frozen' and insisted on a Frozen Birthday party. She announced a week before her Birthday that she would love her own ice palace for her party. So I set about creating a magical room for her and a few little friends to enjoy. The decorations were very simply put together, and as always handmade with all sorts of materials, haberdashery, and paints etc. that I have sitting in my stock cupboards. The kitchen was also busy as we made sugar glass for the top of the Birthday cake, snowflake biscuits, frozen fairy cakes, pretend snow, and blue glittered playdough for the party bags. Lots of fun!

    I cut heaps of white paper snowflakes and made them into garlands. My partner painted an ice mural, we draped netting from the ceiling, put up sparkling lights, and added lots of shiny silver to the room.  We had just two hours to dress the room so it was pretty frantic but when our little girl saw her ‘ice palace’ her little face lit up. Phew…. it was magical for her.  Her Elsa costume went on at top speed and she ran around the room singing  'Let it Go'. …. it was one of those moments you just want to remember forever. Yep… I cried!  

    We kept the games and activities to the Frozen theme as well, so if you are asked to create a Frozen party for your little one, and you need some ideas, here are some of the things we did. The children all seemed to have fun.

    Pretend Snow
    We made heaps of pretend snow which we placed in a big trough for the children to play with.  Mix cornflour with shaving foam. It feels amazing!
    Approx 500g of cornflour to each can of shaving foam.

    Frozen treasure
    We froze heaps of little girls jewellery in a big block of ice. The children were very intrigued by the treasure trapped in the ice and loved watching it defrost. They were allowed to take home any jewellery that they could retrieve.  One tip to take the block of ice out of the freezer an hour before the party as it takes a long time to defrost.

    Make Olaf
    The children were split into two teams. Each team wrapped a mum in paper toilet roll. The kids thought this game was very funny!  

    Pin the carrot nose on Olaf
    We let our childen help with the drawing and colouring of Olaf and the carrot noses in the lead up to the party so they were very excited about this game.

    Musical statues
    ....was played to  'Let it go'' performed in the ' Ice Palace'. It doesn't get much better than that if you are a Frozen fan! The children loved this so much that it was hard to stop the music.

    Party bags   
    These consisted of little pots of homemade blue playdough with added glitter, a snowflake cutter, a little pot of glitter, a snowball printed notebook and pencil and a Frozen themed chocolate lolly. These were popped into a cellophane presentation bag and tied with a silver ribbon.

    I so love creating handmade parties for my children. They aren't slick or perfect by any means, but my kids love them and appreciate them, which is really special to me.  The other exciting thing that comes out of creating a handmade party is that the children are inspired and excited to continue making and creating well after the party is over. They haven't stopped cutting snow flakes, drawing Olafs, and building and sculpting in the pretend snow. My daughter hasn't stopped singing, dancing and creating her own Frozen stories in her ice palace….eeeek I’m going to have to dismantle it at some point ……she won't be happy!

    I better go for now. Wishing you all a fun summer!

    Linda Whaley

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